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Blue Cross saves poorly kitten's vision

A stray kitten’s eyesight has been saved thanks to Blue Cross.

Poor Baby was found frightened, sick and alone beside a road in Hertfordshire, barely able to open her eyes which were sore and crusty due to chronic cat flu.

She arrived at our nearby Kimpton rehoming centre as an emergency case and was put on medication with round-the-clock care, later being transferred to our Lewknor rehoming centre in Oxfordshire.

Although her condition began to improve, she had developed a corneal ulcer in one eye which caused scarring, meaning she was at risk of losing the vision in it altogether.

Thankfully, we had the equipment and expertise at our flagship Victoria animal hospital to treat the condition.

Baby before her operation. She is now fully recovered and in a happy home.

Baby was admitted for an operation known as a keratectomy – a procedure to peel the scar tissue off the delicate surface of the eye – and it proved to be a huge success.

She went on to make a speedy recovery and didn’t waste any time in finding a new home.

Emily Holmes, Animal Welfare Assistant at Lewknor, said: “Baby responded so well to the operation, and look at her now! 

“She is such a playful and cheeky character, and her eye never put her off running around playing!

“It’s such a great success story and what's even better, is that Baby has already packed her bags and gone to a new home.”

Cat flu, and a number of other illnesses, can be prevented through vaccination