Horse grazing with foal in a field

Horse crisis report released

In 2012, a ‘horse crisis’ in England and Wales was declared by the major equine welfare charities, including Blue Cross. Very sadly, horses are still being put at risk at least at the same pace as we are collectively able to rescue them. The same charities have now joined forces again to produce a new report, ‘Britain’s Horse Problem: From horse crisis to systemic failure – the need for owner accountability, wider regulation and better enforcement in England and Wales.’

As this constant cycle of equine welfare need is now persistent, it can no longer be deemed a ‘crisis’ but must be recognised as the result of systemic failure of ownership and enforcement. The sector remains over-stretched and under-resourced and the Covid-19 pandemic has placed serious additional burdens on every organisation.

This major new report sets out the current situation, how changes in the law have helped and suggests further recommendations to help address the root causes. With a challenging winter upon us, it is vital that the current situation is assessed and the most important mitigating steps identified to help prevent large numbers of horses falling through the legislative safety net at the time when they need it most.

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— Page last updated 01/02/2021