Caring for the future

Two tan and white horses huddled together standing in a field

Carolin, who is a Blue Cross supporter, has spent a large part of her life caring for animals.

In 2014, she took in a mare and foal from us and provided them with love and care. But as the years passed, she worried about what might happen to her ponies in the future, saying: “I’ve had the occasional nightmare about what would befall my pets when I pass, because I don’t have a family who could take up the reins.

“I knew the answer to this would be the Pet Peace of Mind service and that I could draw my last breath secure in the knowledge that they would be looked after. I would have remained depressed and hopeless had it not been for the Blue Cross team. These thoughtful, kind people understood what I was going through.”

Carolin goes on to say: “Hannah and Emma from the Pet Peace of Mind team secured the future care of my ponies.”

By signing up to the Pet Peace of Mind service you will be putting your mind at rest, knowing your pet’s future is secure.