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Step into Christmas

A lot of small steps for you… one giant leap for petkind. 
Walk, jog or run 25k during the month of December, with or without a four-legged friend.

Step into Christmas

Step into Christmas medal
You deserve a medal… and so does your dog!

A lot of small steps for you… one giant leap for petkind. Walk, jog or run 25k during the month of December, with or without a four-legged friend.

You could walk a kilometre a day, or run it in one go, or anything in between! The choice is yours. 

You’ll be helping pets in need every step of the way.

Step into Christmas is the perfect opportunity for you to stay fit and healthy this Christmas, and it’ll feel great to know you’re helping pets in need every step of the way. 

The world has changed this year, but the need for Blue Cross hasn’t. Like many charities we have seen a dramatic fall in fundraising income as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but not once have we turned away pets in the greatest need.  

This Christmas, more than ever, we urgently need your support to care for sick, injured and abandoned pets. Because it’s only together that we can change lives.

Anyone who completes the 25k challenge will receive a Step into Christmas medal to mark their success. And if your dog has been with you every step of the way, we think they deserve a shiny dog tag medal too! 

If you do take on this challenge with your canine pal, do check out Blue Cross advice on exercising with your dog to make sure it’s safe and fun for you both. 

So what are you waiting for? Step into Christmas with Blue Cross! 

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Please note - We are still amidst a coronavirus pandemic so make sure you follow the latest government guidelines and stay safe. Please only take part if you are fit and well to do so. Please understand and accept that this event may require strenuous physical exertion and is subject to the unpredictability of the weather and you are responsible for your own safety. Blue Cross hold no liability for any loss, damage, action, cost, expense, claim, injury, illness and in worst case scenario death. You will be entering and participating in this event entirely at your own risk. 

Step into Christmas is a virtual challenge brought to you by Blue Cross. The challenge is to walk, jog or run 25k over the month of December. You can either do the challenge in one go or break the distance down into multiple sessions.

A virtual event is an event that can be completed from a location of your choice, at your own pace and at any time of day you choose. You track your progress using either a fitness app, your phone's health app or simply a photo of your treadmill/cross-trainer screen and upload them to your evidence log. Once the distance is completed and evidence is logged you receive a glittering medal for your brilliant efforts.

The challenge runs from 1st December to 31st December – you can complete your 25k at any point during this time.

Sign up to take part here. It costs £12 per entry. Any additional fundraising is up to you but very much appreciated.

Your registration fee goes towards the vital work we do supporting sick, injured and homeless pets. This includes our rehoming, veterinary, education, behaviour and pet bereavement support services. Click here to find out more about our services.

A portion of your entry fee also covers the cost of the medal we’ll send to you once you’ve completed your Step into Christmas 25k.

The closing date for registering is 30th December depending on availability. However, we would advise signing up as early as possible to guarantee your place (places are limited) and give you as much time as possible in December to complete the challenge.

Yes, as long as you are able to maintain social distancing and follow the government guidelines applicable at the time of the event. You can purchase multiple entries when signing up. Please note that the person signing up will be the main contact and responsible for logging the evidence for all entrants.

Yes, children are very welcome! However, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We’d recommend breaking down the challenge into multiple sessions and that you plan safe routes and adhere to the highway and countryside codes and current government guidelines.

Yes! We even have a special dog tag medal for your canine pal. An optional purchase at £3. Please plan your challenge around dog friendly routes and adhere to highway and countryside codes. We’d recommend checking with your vet that your dog is fit to take on the challenge. For more info please see our advice for running with your dog.

No, fundraising is optional. However, we are very grateful to our wonderful supporters that take that one step further and raise vital funds for Blue Cross through sponsorship. Getting sponsored for your challenge really makes a difference and will help us support even more sick injured ad homeless pets.

We are delighted you would like to fundraise as part of your challenge! Head over to our Step into Christmas Just Giving campaign and select the ‘start fundraising’ button to set up your page today.

Yes. Donations are very welcome if you are unable to fundraise. Please head over to our Step into Christmas Just Giving campaign and select the ‘donate’ button to make a one off donation.

You can take on your challenge outdoors, indoors or both - whatever suits you best! For example, you could go to the gym and step it out on the treadmill, walk up and down your hallway, do laps of the garden or explore your local area. The choice is yours! If you are taking part outdoors, be careful of icy paths, wet leaves and any hazards you may come across when exercising in the winter months. Please dress appropriately.

No. This is your 25k your way. You can choose to do it all in one go, break the distance down over multiple sessions or do a kilometre a day for 25 days. Plan around your free time and plan safe routes adhering to the highway and countryside codes and current government guidelines.

Yes, once your challenge is complete and you have logged all your kilometres, we will send you your finisher's medal and certificate.

Once you’ve signed up you should receive two emails – Your Step into Christmas account details (where you log your kilometres) and your confirmation and welcome email which details how to log your kilometres.

To record your kilometres, you upload a picture or phone screen shots using your phone to your Step into Christmas account. This can be of your phone’s health app, the screen of a cross trainer/treadmill or of a running app like Strava. Basically, anything that records the distance. You can record in miles, kilometres and metres.  

Once you have loaded all your kilometres they will be actioned for approval and a medal and certificate will be on its way to you.

You can contact us by emailing [email protected] or call our Supporter Care team on 0300 790 9903 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday).