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Give moments that matter this Christmas

By donating to Blue Cross, you can transform the lives of pets in the UK by helping to provide life-saving operations, paying for their food or finding loving new homes. Spend £10 on something that means more this Christmas. Give pets in need moments that matter.

Give safe and sound moments

Poor Sheila had such a tough time before she came to Blue Cross. The gorgeous Chinchilla had been picked on by her cage mates and ended up losing an eye and being very poorly. After lots of love and care from our teams she settled quickly in to a new home. Her new owner said “She’s part of our family now.”

Give lifesaving moments

May was found all alone in a car park desperately trying to survive. She was extremely weak, terribly thin and only three months old. It was touch and go for May as she also had a potentially fatal disease called Parvovirus. After a long struggle May started to get stronger and stronger until she was ready to find her new home, where she really has landed on her paws.

GIve joyful moments

At just seven weeks old Vincent was found abandoned in a car park with part of his right ear missing, having been cut clean off. He was brought to our Lewknor rehoming centre and thankfully the young pup bounced back from his ordeal remarkably quickly. His sweet, cheeky character shone through and after a short time in foster care he found a wonderful new home.

Give first Christmas moments

Thomas was at death’s door when he was found as a stray and brought to Blue Cross. The eight-week-old kitten had just days to live. After a few weeks of around the clock emergency care at our Victoria hospital the little fighter pulled through. He proved to be a wonderful, cheeky kitten and it took hardly any time to find him a new home.  

Give life-changing moments

Myrtle and her kittens were found in an abandoned pub which was about to be boarded up. Our Blue Cross ambulance rushed out to collect the stranded family. When Myrtle arrived at our Victoria hospital we discovered that as well as having her current litter of kittens she was pregnant again! She gave birth in the safe surroundings of a foster home and Myrtle and all her kittens were soon ready to look for new homes.