Festive Quest FAQs

A part of our Paws 2 Play gaming for good campaign, it’s a chance for casual gamers, dedicated streamers and everyone in between to get involved and raise money for Blue Cross.

We’re asking gamers like you to sign up for the challenge and then play or stream for 24 hours during Advent. That can be an hour a day or if you want to turn up the difficulty you can try and take on a 12 or 24 hour marathon.

Share your Tiltify fundraising page with friends and family and ask them to donate. You can encourage them to donate by doing forfeits when you raise a certain amount too. It could be that you’ll shave your hair or dye it blue, have to wear fancy dress for a day or it could even be an in game reward like naming a character after everyone who donates a fixed amount. Get creative and if you need ideas check out our fundraising guide or chat to other fundraisers on our Discord for some inspiration.   

The event is free to take part and even without fundraising you can help to raise awareness about Blue Cross and the work we do.

Of course, if you can fundraise, every donation no matter how small is greatly appreciated as we couldn’t help pets in need without donations and support from people like you.

If you can’t get sponsored, you can always donate to your own fundraising page to make a difference and you might even unlock some of our rewards as a little thank you from the pets.

Don’t panic, you’ve got from 1 December until Christmas Day to complete your 24 hours so you can do the challenge your way! Open a door on your advent calendar and play for an hour each day or fit in a few extra hours at the weekend. If you really fancy turning up that difficulty and going big, challenge yourself to completing a 12 or 24-hour marathon to make up those hours. Whatever you choose to do there are lots of tips and ideas in our fundraising guide but do remember to look after yourself too and if at any point you feel unwell you should stop.

Nope, you can still sign up and launch a Tiltify fundraising page, help pets and earn rewards even if you would rather not stream!

Whilst streaming can help you share your fundraiser live as it happens with a larger audience, if you’re not comfortable doing it or don’t have the kit, you can still help Blue Cross in other ways. You can play your games privately offline, with friends online or even host a board game night. Just make sure to update everyone with how your challenge is going and remember to share your fundraising page.

We can’t thank you enough for being a part of this event as without fundraisers like you, we wouldn’t be able to provide any of our services to help ensure that pets can live healthy lives in happy homes. Here are just a few examples of how your fundraising might help:

£10 could pay for a health check for an unwanted pet.

£30 could vaccinate a litter of five puppies against life threatening diseases.

£100 could help to pay for emergency veterinary care for a sick or injured pet.

There are more examples in our fundraising pack and built right into your Tiltify fundraiser too!

You can still take part but we do ask that you get parental permission before signing up to Paws 2 Play: Festive Quest so they can support you and help to make sure you look after your health by taking regular breaks during your challenge.

There’s no need to submit any proof to us to show you’ve completed the challenge, but we do encourage you to share updates about how many hours you’ve done with your friends and family as this is a great way to ask for extra support and donations.

We have a handy PDF download you can use to cross each hour off as you go along with some milestone markers to share on social media, making it really easy to show everyone how you’re getting on.

If you qualify for the physical advent calendar you can either use it to countdown each day closer to Christmas, or open a door for each hour you’ve completed. We also have our Discord server where you can chat with other gamers and let them know how you’re getting on!

Absolutely! It’s your challenge so do things your way. You can play your favourite go to games, on your own or as part of a team. From the latest and greatest games to classics, you can even put your fate in the hands of your friends and family and ask them to vote using a poll on Tiltify when they donate to choose what you play next!


For the early bird Advent calendar, you need to have raised £10 on your Tiltify fundraising campaign by midnight on 24 November 2021.

For the other rewards including the medals, pin badges, t-shirts, hats and jumpers the final fundraising total on your Tiltify fundraising campaign will be taken at 11.59pm on 24 December 2021 to determine which rewards you will receive.

You can read more about exactly what qualifies for the rewards by visiting our Terms and Conditions.

Feel free to email us or drop us a line in our discord server and we’ll do our best to help.