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Kitten with shocking jaw injury is nursed back to health

A helpless stray kitten brought to Blue Cross with appalling injuries has been nursed back to health – and is now in search of a new home.

Henry is recovering well from his ordeal and is looking for a new home.

Little Henry, aged just 12 weeks, was found by a member of the public in his garden with the skin hanging off of his lower jaw, in what’s called a degloving injury.

He brought the kitten to our animal hospital in Victoria, central London, earlier this month where our team repaired the skin and got him on the road to recovery.

It’s not known how or when he was injured, but it’s likely that Henry had been in pain for some time.

Amanda Marrington, London Welfare Officer for Blue Cross, said: “The skin had completely come away from Henry’s jaw so he was taken straight to theatre for the skin to be stitched back in place when he arrived at the hospital.

“The skin had started to fuse in the wrong place so he is likely to have had this injury for a while, walking around on his own in pain. It would have been miserable for him.”

“But this little lad is as bright as a button and nothing has fazed him at all.”

Once Henry was neutered, wormed and vaccinated he set off for our rehoming centre in Suffolk where he is now waiting for a family to snap him up.

If you think you could give Henry the second chance in life he deserves, keep an eye on our Suffolk rehoming page.