View the BowWow Haus London designs

BowWow Haus rendering process
Spark Architects

We are now inviting inspirational architectural firms, innovative companies, renowned artists, builders, designers and talented celebrities from all over the UK to take part in this unique project.

Here are the artists taking part in the event - if you'd like to take part and design a kennel, please contact us.

Ptolemy Erlington - Hubcap Creatures

Bow Wow Haus artist Ptolemy Erlington, Cyber Punk Dog Kennel

Bark-alona Pavilion - Jia-hao Syu, Design Haus Liberty

Denise Jaques - Mosaic Happy

 Denise Jaques from Mosaic Happy

Derek Ray - Embrace Forever

 Derek Ray, Embrace Forever

Ivan Djidjev

 Ivan Djidjev, Kennel

Shiguru Foo-foo Pavillion - Jia-hao Syu, Design Haus Liberty

 Jia-hao Syu, Design Haus Liberty

Sue Smith - Sue Smith Glass


Emil Minkov

 Emil Minkov

BowWow Basil - Russian for Fish

BowWow Haus London: Russian For Fish

Shiro Studio

 Shiro Studio

Anne Schwegmann Fielding

Jeff Pelszynski - Fleischman Garcia Architects

 Fleischman Garcia

Miranda Knight Mosaics

 Miranda Knight Mosaics kennel

Jane Perkins

BowWow Haus - Jane Perkins

Natalie Guy

Matt Maynard

JH - Collective kittycat - "The Diamond In The Woof"

Brian O'Tuama Architects - INU-GOYA

Sarah Stanley Mosaics

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