Luna, the brown XL bully type dog, lying on the sofa with a purple octopus toy in front of her

Neutering your XL bully support

We’ve teamed up with RSPCA and Battersea to offer a contribution towards neutering your XL bully type if you’re struggling financially.

Last year, the government added XL bully to the dog breed types banned. Restrictions have now come into force with owners having to apply for exemption for their pet by 31 January 2024. One of the requirements for exemption is that XL bullies must be neutered by the dates set out.

Dogs aged less than one year old by 31 January 2024 must be neutered by 31 December 2024, and dogs older than one must be neutered by 30 June 2024.

More about the ban

The costs of neutering your dog

We know that neutering an XL bully type breed can be expensive. So, to help at this challenging and stressful time, Battersea, Blue Cross and RSPCA are providing support towards the cost of neutering your XL bully type through our Veterinary Care Fund.

From 5 February 2024, the fund will provide up to £250 to eligible owners for this procedure for those struggling financially. If you need more urgent support before this time, RSPCA may be able to provide a voucher towards the cost.

Please note, if you are also receiving support from either RSPCA or Battersea towards neutering your pet directly, then we would not be able to provide further support through this fund. 

Who qualifies for help?

Those XL bully type owners who:

  • are experiencing financial hardship
  • have applied for a certificate of exemption (deadline for online applications is midday on 31 January 2024)
  • agree to send confirmation of neutering to Defra once the procedure is complete

How does it work?

If you’re eligible based on the criteria above, your veterinary practice will need to apply online on your behalf. Speak to them as soon as possible to see how they can help.

The fund will provide up to a maximum of £250 towards the cost of neutering eligible XL bully type dogs. The payment will be made directly to the veterinary practice and the amount awarded will vary based on the dog’s gender and procedure.

There are over 450 vet practices already registered and the fund will support as many XL bully type owners as it is able to.

More on the Veterinary Care Fund.

— Page last updated 08/03/2024