Animal lover who always thought of others takes care of pets after death

Miss Ida Margaret Enna passed away peacefully aged 92 in January this year and was remembered in a ceremony at which a poem she had written about walking with her dogs was read.

Black and white photo of a man and woman, and three goats


by Miss Ida Margaret Enna

When the grass is dry

And the corn is high,

We walk, my dogs and I,

We walk towards the sky

Where the green trees grow

Where the wild flowers blow,

We take the paths we know,

My dogs and I.

And when our time is nigh,

We’ll climb up to the sky,

Where the green trees grow,

Where the wild flowers blow

And we’ll see God, I know,

My dogs and I.


Climbing is reproduced here with kind permission from Miss Enna's estate

Miss Enna’s niece, Sarah Dyson, remembered her aunt’s love of animals fondly. 

She told us: “She used to help out at the local vicarage where goats were kept.

“The photo of her and her dog (pictured) was taken when she was able to take part in the annual Easter Walk, which enabled her to raise money for charity.

“She was always thinking of others and loved both people and animals. She will be greatly missed.”

Miss Enna left us a legacy of £10, which we will use to benefit ill and unwanted dogs, cats, horses and small animals.

We are thankful for every gift we receive and we value whatever people can spare to leave to the pets in our care. 

Around half of our funding is left to us in Wills by people who cherished animals in their lives and want to make sure they will be looked after long after they are gone.

We would like to thank Miss Enna for her kind gesture and helping to make sure sick, injured and homeless pets have healthier and happier futures, and also thank her family for allowing us to share her story to tell others how important gifts are for helping the pets in our care. 

We’d also love to hear from you if you’ve already pledged to leave a legacy to our pets, particularly if your gift is left in memory of a pet or person.

Please email our Legacy Team to let them know your story. 

We have recently updated our Gifts in Your Will booklet, which is a straight forward guide to leaving a gift in a Will. If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift to Blue Cross in your Will, please get in touch with our Legacy Team today.