Sparky, Chippy and Plumb together looking at camera

Happy ending for kittens found on building site

Three helpless kittens rescued from a building site are now in loving new homes, thanks to Blue Cross.

Workers on the site in High Wycombe found the litter of two males and one female without their mum and took them to a nearby vet.

They were then transferred to Blue Cross’s rehoming centre in Lewknor, Oxfordshire, where the team named the 12-week-old siblings Chippy, Sparky and Plumb, after the tradesmen that rescued them.

Hannah Owen, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross, said: “The kittens were all understandably very wary of humans when they first arrived but with time and patience the team here gradually gained their trust.

“Plumb was the smallest and quietest of the group, while Chippy definitely quickly grew in confidence.

“We’re so happy that they’ve all headed off to new homes so quickly where they can continue to grow in confidence in loving new homes.”

Chippy’s new owner has already contacted the centre to let the team know that he is settling in well.

Hannah added: “The new owner told us that their whole family is smitten by Chippy, who has now been renamed Flash due to the white flash on his tail, and his speed!

“They said he follows their daughter around like a shadow.”

— Page last updated 09/03/2021