Cygnet in the hand of one of the Blue Cross team members

Newborn kitten abandoned outside hotel

A days-old kitten is lucky to be alive after he was found near a hotel with its umbilical cord still attached.

The kitten, who has been called Cygnet by the team at our rehoming centre in Burford, Oxfordshire, was discovered after a guest at The Swan in Bibury, Gloucestershire, heard tiny miaows outside the window of her room and reported it to staff.

Staff at the hotel left milk and water out in the hope that cat’s mother would come back but when there was no sign they contacted Blue Cross for help.

Black kitten playing with their toy
Cygnet playing with one of his toys.

The kitten was cared for in a foster home as he is so young he needed to be fed and toileted every two hours.

Kirsty Jones, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Burford who is fostering Cygnet, said: “Cygnet is a really adorable kitten and it’s been a pleasure to see him grow. He came to us as a tiny two-day-old and is growing into a confident and loving little cat. He loves to cuddle and purr and his favourite thing is to try and climb up you.”

He now has a loving home.

Every year Blue Cross sees a huge rise in the number of strays admitted during the summer months – almost two thirds more compared to winter as tend to stray further in the warm weather especially if they are not neutered.

Neutering cats prevents unwanted litters and illness such as breast cancers and an infection of the womb known as pyometra.

— Page last updated 17/12/2021