Oliver and Twist sat on a blanket

Please, sir - can we have some love? Puppies Oliver and Twist need homes

Two puppies found crammed into a horse feed bucket, starving and filthy, are now on the mend at Blue Cross and are looking for new homes.

Oliver and Twist were found by a member of the public in squalid conditions, covered in their own waste, and brought to our Southampton rehoming centre.

They were traumatised, riddled with worms and suffering from badly upset tummies.

But thanks to the round-the-clock care of the team caring for them, the seven-week-old puppies are now on the mend.

Oliver (left) and his brother Twist (right) are on the mend and in need of homes.
Oliver (left) and his brother Twist (right) are on the mend

Dani Smith, Animal Welfare Assistant at Southampton, said: “Thankfully, it looks like their bad tummies were likely to have been caused by the worms rather than anything more serious.

“When they first arrived a week ago they were quite scared and nervous because of what they had been through, but they’re quickly gaining confidence and getting much braver. They’ve taken everything in their stride.

“Despite being quite poorly, they’ve been lively – they are very sweet together and are starting to enjoy playing.”

Oliver does have a heart murmur, which will need monitoring, but the pups are otherwise healthy.

Now, just like their Charles Dickens character namesake, the orphaned siblings have both found find their own happy endings with families to love them. 


— Page last updated 16/12/2021