Two-year-old girl has 'magic touch' with homeless rabbits

Amelia with rabbit Monty
Amelia with Monty

A two-year-old who helps to look after rabbits in Blue Cross foster care has become our charity's youngest ever volunteer.

Little Amelia Grace and her family care for homeless bunnies in the garden of their home in Radcliffe, Manchester, until we find permanent homes for them to go to.

Some of the rabbits have been nervous around adults but Amelia’s gentle touch has given them the confidence they needed to find a home of their own.

Amelia’s family first cared for Monty and Sandy followed by Peter and Lily who struggled with human contact and would growl at their adult carers.

However, not long after arriving in their foster home and the care of Amelia, they began to show interest in her and gradually other people. Happily, they have since found a loving home.

Georgia Holt, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross said: “We’ve been amazed at how Amelia has a natural gift with the animals the family has cared for. While some of the rabbits have not wanted much human contact with us, under Amelia’s watch they have positively blossomed into friendly, happy pets.”

Blue Cross in Radcliffe always needs more help with foster care for the homeless, unwanted and abandoned pets they take in.

Volunteers need to have the suitable space in their home or garden and offer short-term care to needy dogs, cats and small pets while Blue Cross finds them a permanent home.

To find out more contact the team on 0300 777 1592 or [email protected].