a black dog sniffs a purple flower

Plants poisonous to dogs

Keep your home fragrant and your dog safe by picking bunches of flowers containing pet-friendly stems, and avoiding those that can be deadly to dogs.

Dog friendly plants

These plants are dog friendly:

  • Astilbe 
  • Erica
  • Freesia 
  • Greenbell 
  • Lisianthus 
  • Limonium 
  • Olive 
  • Pitto 
  • Pussy willow 
  • Roses 
  • Scabiosa 
  • Snapdragons 
  • Statice 
  • Stock 
  • Veronica 
  • Waxflower

Plants slightly poisonous to dogs

Don’t let your dog eat these plants as they are slightly poisonous and could give your pet a tummy upset or skin irritation:

  • Lavender
  • Bupleurum 
  • Campanula bells 
  • Erngium 
  • Michaelmas Daisy
  • Ruscus 
  • Solidago

Plants very poisonous to dogs

Keep your dog well away from these plants and flowers as some parts of these are very poisonous to dogs and can even be fatal:

  • Astrantia 
  • Clematis 
  • Craspedia 
  • Delphinium 
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Asparagus Fern 
  • Ornithogalum 
  • Peonies 
  • Ranunculus 
  • Senecio 
  • Solomio 
  • Sweet William 
  • Tulip
If your dog eats a poisonous plant, call your vet immediately.
— Page last updated 11/11/2021

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