Labrador Jake getting a fuss while sitting on sofa

Working from home with your pet

Studies show that there are lots of health benefits to having a pet at work, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing stress and anxiety. Animals can bring a smile to your face on the darkest of days. So, if you’re working from home, here are some fun ways of involving your pet to lift the spirits of you and your online colleagues.

1.    Give your pet a job title and ask any colleagues with pets to do the same – share photos of them living up to their roles. Perhaps your cat has become keyboard monitor, or perhaps your dog is living up to their role as play coordinator? You could even run a pet working from home photo caption competition.

2.    What’s better than a friendly face? A friendly pet’s face. Get your pet involved in those virtual catch ups with colleagues to bring some joy to those stuck at home alone.

3.    Turn those short screen breaks into a weekly challenge to teach your pet a new trick! Pets learn best in short snippets, and it’s a brilliant incentive to take regular time-outs. Why not teach your cat a high five, or perfect your dog’s best down?

— Page last updated 19/05/2020

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