Petplan Charitable Trust

Petplan Charitable Trust has kindly supported Blue Cross for some 30 years, with valuable funding such as: £50,000 towards the rebuilding of our flagship Victoria animal hospital in central London; more than £25,000 for a Community Veterinary Nurse Scheme in London; £25,000 to provide field shelters for horses at our Rolleston rehoming centre, and £5,000 to produce manuals for volunteers educating young children in responsible pet handling. 

Launched in 2007, our national cat fostering scheme relieves some of the pressure on our over-stretched rehoming centres by outsourcing cat rehoming to a network of volunteers. In 2013, the scheme extended to include a college fostering programme, placing purpose-built Blue Cross cat chalets within colleges with animal care courses. This partnership further extends our rehoming services across the country and also provides animal care students with valuable hands-on experience of caring for cats and kittens, while learning about the implications of a ‘rescue’ situation.

Petplan Charitable Trust was formed in 1994 by Patsy Bloom and David Simpson to provide much needed funds to promote the health and welfare of animals.

You can find out more about how Petplan work with charities here.

Our enormous thanks go to this Trust for its wonderful ongoing backing of Blue Cross.​​​​

— Page last updated 29/05/2024