Blue Cross calls for people to ditch fireworks this NYE, as pet owners reveal extent of suffering

  • The animal charity is asking the public to consider not letting off loud fireworks in their gardens this New Year’s Eve
  • Most (70%) dog and cat owners say they are concerned about their pet’s welfare this winter due to fireworks, survey reveals
  • Poll shows most people think letting off fireworks in gardens should be banned and limited to organised or licensed displays

Blue Cross is urging people not to let off fireworks this New Year’s Eve, as pet owners lay bare the extent of suffering loud bangs causes our four-legged friends.

As a difficult year for everyone come to a close, it is understandable the British public will be wanting to celebrate new hope for 2021 this winter and, for some, that might include letting off fireworks in their garden.

However, the animal charity asking people to think about our pets this New Year’s Eve and resist the temptation to use loud fireworks, which we know terrifies our four-legged friends.

Blue Cross’s survey revealed:

  • Most (70%) of people believe fireworks should be banned in the UK, apart from at organised events
  • More than two-thirds (70%) of dog and cat owners were concerned for their pet’s welfare this firework season
  • Of those who have fearful pets, 40% visibly shake, while 36% bark or cry when they hear fireworks
  • And, of those, almost a third (29%) have had to seek specialist animal behaviourist advice
  • Most worryingly of all, 43% of people noticed an increase in garden fireworks this year
  • Almost a quarter of respondents (24%) said they would consider buying silent fireworks as an alternative

Blue Cross’s Head of Behaviour, Ryan Neile, said:

“These results have laid bare the extent of suffering so many of the nation’s pets go through for days and weeks at a time every single year.

“That’s why we are pleading with people to think about their own actions this New Year’s Eve and consider ditching setting off loud fireworks, which leave many pets literally shaking in fear, for other celebrations.

“We know at Blue Cross just how upsetting this time of year can be for animals – especially now we are seeing more and more people doing their own fireworks in their back gardens.”

Blue Cross is calling of the public to spread the word and display posters in their windows or local community boards, encouraging people not to use fireworks this winter.

These can be found and printed off here, as well as a full list of top tips and advice for all pet owners to help keep their furry friends safe and well this New Year’s Eve.

Blue Cross is also sharing videos pet owners have taken of their animals while suffering from stress caused by fireworks on our social media channels. Footage of dogs excessively panting in fear can be viewed here >

Let’s all do our bit to help make this a thing of the past.


Notes to editors

*Of the 2,000 people polled, 50% were dog and/or cat owners and 50% did not own either a dog or cat.