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Puppy's treatment highlights dangers of dogs around medication

A naughty puppy was left needing urgent Blue Cross care after gobbling up a pill he shouldn’t have.

Buddy was put on a drip and his vital signs monitored throughout the day.

Four-month-old Buddy was rushed to our Merton animal hospital in south London last month after the Staffordshire bull terrier managed to get hold of a small tablet belonging to his owner’s father, who was looking after him.

Although the dosage was not thought to be life-threatening, Buddy had high blood pressure and was put on a drip to help flush out the medication from his system.

Our Veterinary Team also monitored his temperature, blood pressure, breathing and general demeanour throughout the day to check for any further adverse affects.

Elise Smith, Veterinary Nurse at Merton, said: “Buddy originally had a low blood pressure, but with the fluid therapy this improved and, happily, he was fine to go home at the end of the day.

“Buddy is a very lovely puppy, and his owner’s father was understandably very worried. Luckily he made a full recovery.

“This story highlights the importance of keeping all medications out of reach of animals, especially naughty puppies, who are very quick to eat anything that is within mouth-reach!”

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