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Bull breeds rock – they’re clever, loyal and they can make great pets. But they also get some pretty bad press. You can help change this by making sure yours is happy, healthy and well-

If you’ve got a bull breed dog (like a staffie or boxer) or you’re thinking of getting one, we’ve made a whole section for them. It’s about more than just Staffordshire Bull Terriers. We think dogs need to be handled differently depending on their type so we've made some videos especially for you.

Deed not breed

Have you ever walked into a room and felt judged on the way you look? Dogs all over the country face this every day, if they resemble what could be classed as a pit bull terrier type under the Dangerous Dogs Act [1991]. Blue Cross is encouraging a move away from breed-specific legislation.

Any dog has the potential to be dangerous regardless of breed. Early intervention is key to tackling the issue of anti-social behaviour involving dogs and preventing attacks from happening in the first place. With an 85 per cent increase in the number of staffies coming into our rehoming centres in the last five years, improving the reputation of bull breeds is at the heart of our education work.

Blue Cross offers free RespectaBULL workshops to schools and youth groups, which help empower young people to care for their dog and know how the law could affect them. Engaging groups by using videos, case studies and discussion, we believe we can make a difference to improve responsible ownership and helping keep communities safe.

Meet Jordan

Jordan, owns two dogs called Ty and Keelo who are classed as banned breed types under the DDA and have been put on the index of exempted dogs. Jordan is passionate about his dogs, but he nearly lost them when they were seized by the police and he worked hard to get them back. Jordan has given up his time to help Blue Cross by sharing his experiences and promoting dog welfare.