Two guinea pigs sit facing each other on the lap of their rehomer

Bereaved guinea pig boosted by new friendship

Hearing their excited chatter, it’s clear Margo and Paloma are best of buddies.

The duo have developed a beautiful bond after Paloma stepped in to befriend bereaved Margo during their time at Blue Cross.

White guinea pig Paloma looks inquisitively towards the camera
Confident Paloma helped bereaved Margo come out of her shell

Confident Paloma has helped Margo come out of her shell after the little black and orange guinea pig lost her bestie Maggie to illness.

Now happily in a new home together, the pair are “a great couple of characters who make me smile every day”, says rehomer Nikki Pallett.

“They have settled in really well,” adds Nikki, whose specially adapted shed provides all the space, security and shelter the friends need – as well as plenty of enrichment to keep them entertained.

“They both seem really happy, are eating well and becoming more inquisitive of me and their surroundings.”

The three guinea pigs originally came to Blue Cross Burford after their owner’s ill health meant she could no longer care for them.

But sadly, little Maggie had an underlying health condition and she passed away, leaving now four-year-old Margo alone.

Black and orange guinea pig Margo creeps out of a wooden box to eat a piece of carrot
Little black and orange guinea pig Margo had lost her best friend

While Paloma had come into Blue Cross separate from the bonded pair, our team hoped the five-year-old could be just the tonic that Margo needed.

“Margo and Paloma came together under sad circumstances after the loss of Margo’s partner Maggie,” explains Stacey Leigh, Pet Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Burford.

“Margo became quite withdrawn without her companion and we decided to try bonding her with Paloma.

“We weren’t sure how well Margo would get on with a big character like Paloma, so we monitored them closely during their first interactions. 

“However, Paloma really brought out the best in little Margo and having each other’s company has made them both happier and more confident.

“Guinea pigs are very social animals and with them both longing for company, Margo and Paloma decided straight away that they wanted to be friends, and they haven’t looked back since!”

White guinea pig Paloma stands in front of black and orange guinea pig Margo on a bed of hay
Paloma and Margo love spending time together in their new home

After 21 days with Blue Cross, the dynamic duo were adopted by office manager Nikki, to join her in Wiltshire alongside 11-year-old cocker spaniel Yogi.

After spending the past six years caring for a group of guinea pigs, including a rescue called Fred, Nikki had been missing their energy and character after all four sadly passed away throughout 2023.

“Having Margo and Paloma has made a sad time a bit better though, as they are such little characters,” says Nikki, 49, who has also previously kept rescue hamsters.

“They are very excitable, they get on really well. They quite often cuddle up together and there’s never any bickering or fighting.”

— Page last updated 05/06/2024