Grace lying on a grey blanket in her foster home

Saving Grace! Bin kitten's fresh start

A two-month-old kitten found dumped in a carrier bag in amongst a pile of rubbish has found a happy home.

Little Grace was discovered in the nick of time when a passerby noticed the bag moving in the rubbish area of a block of flats.

On arrival at our rehoming centre in Southampton, Hampshire, the kitten was placed straight into foster care with Animal Welfare Assistant, Kim Simpson.

She said: “Poor Grace was covered in flea dirt and was obviously starving as she wolfed down the food given to her.

Grace on arrival at Blue Cross, in a cat carrier with red blanket
Grace soon gained strength and is now in a happy home

“She slept a lot, obviously exhausted from her ordeal, but wanted to be with me at all times. 

“Once she’d regained her strength, she became a typical kitten, she loved to play and would dart around the house and charge up and down the stairs. 

“She was so friendly and so cuddly; she would purr away as I stroked her. She was struggling to eat by herself and needed a lot of encouragement, so I had to hand-feed first.”

Grace went from strength to strength and was lucky enough to find a new home in time for Christmas.

Kim added: “We’re so happy she’s gone off to a new home where she will be loved and totally spoiled. The new owner had told us she is settling in well and is a total joy which is great to hear.”

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— Page last updated 19/01/2021