Cat Timmy finds fang-tastic home at last

Photo of Timmy, a black cat with large, protruding canine teeth

A ‘vampire’ cat has finally found a happy home despite his Dracula image.

Timmy had been a resident of our Blue Cross rehoming centre in Lewknor for over 100 days and we were beginning to worry that his pointy teeth were putting potential owners off taking him home.

As soon as Timmy arrived at the centre in Oxfordshire, staff noticed the feline had a scary set of canines.

Lisa Kent, Animal Welfare Assistant from Blue Cross Lewknor, said: “Timmy’s canine teeth stick out, making it look like he has fangs!

“His unusual appearance has meant that Timmy has had a lot of interest in the past, however he hasn’t had much luck at finding his forever home.”

A lot was at stake for the nine-year-old cat, who had already been returned to Blue Cross a total of four times through no fault of his own, and faced a lonely existence.

Black cats are notoriously difficult to rehome thanks to myth and superstition that they bring bad luck.

Lisa added: “The only supernatural powers Timmy possesses are ones of unconditional love and affection, just like any other cat.”

Despite the similarity to the vampire villain, Timmy is a friendly chap and we’re delighted that he has become part of a family again.

Blue Cross has lots of cats needing homes who are just waiting to meet you. Visit our cat rehoming pages to find your new feline friend. 

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— Page last updated 22/09/2015