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Dog Bella poisoned after drinking bottle of eggnog

Dog Bella on floor after drinking eggnog

A seven-month-old German shepherd dog is feeling a little ruff after downing a bottle of festive tipple Advocaat. 

When owner Rachel Murphy came home and found Bella staggering around and the broken, empty bottle on the floor, she immediately called our Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, central London, for help.

Dog Bella lies down on the sofa after drinking eggnog
Bella had a sore head after drinking alcohol, but things could have been far worse had it not been for Blue Cross vets. Photos by SWNS

Mrs Murphy said: “We had the Advocaat for Christmas day and although it was kept out of Bella’s reach and in a bag she must have jumped up at the table and pulled it to the floor.

"We couldn’t believe she had drunk most of the contents but she was clearly unwell when we found her. 

“We were really worried and rushed her to Blue Cross for treatment. Thankfully it was just in time and she is now all better. We will make sure any other Christmas drinks are kept under lock and key!”

​We put Bella on a drip to flush out the alcohol from her system and closely monitored by vets overnight.

She soon made a full recovery and was well enough to enjoy a dry Christmas back at home.

Dogs can become seriously ill after drinking alcohol as it can cause convulsions and respiratory problems. Too much can be fatal.

Charlotte Hamilton, Blue Cross Vet, said: “It is lucky Bella’s owners came home and discovered what Bella had done so quickly as alcohol is toxic to pets.

“Because Bella is almost fully grown and quite a big dog the damage is not as bad as it may have been with a smaller breed, which could even have proved fatal."

“Be careful with storing and keeping alcohol over the Christmas period as pets may like the taste of sweet drinks like Advocaat and might not be as lucky as Bella.” Charlotte Hamilton, Blue Cross Vet

Blue Cross is also warning pet owners to prevent pets from eating Christmas cake and mince pies, which contain poisonous raisins, and plants including mistletoe and poinsettia, which are also toxic to pets.

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— Page last updated 4/11/2016