Bob looking over a stair gate with his head tilted

Kind dogs help Bob overcome fears

Last year’s first lockdown was a worrying time, but for one nervous and under-socialised young dog, it was the respite from the world he needed. 

Staffordshire bull terrier, Bob, arrived at our Tiverton rehoming centre in Devon in January 2020, aged 14 months, as his boisterous nature was too much for another dog in the home. 

Bob and Bumble on their back legs looking over a fence
Bob with his first friend, Bumble

Tom Nunez, Animal Welfare Assistant at the centre, said: “Bob’s ability to trust took a big hit when arriving in kennels.

"He was wary and reactive towards people, dogs and traffic – he would lunge, growl and bark at these things.”

Our Behaviour Team set up a careful plan to help Bob overcome his fears, but his difficulties around other dogs continued to be a real hurdle.

Lockdown, however, meant that most pets went into foster care, with Bob one of only a small number of dogs at the centre – giving him the breathing space he needed to gradually build confidence around his own kind.

And, thanks to help from two kind and patient helper dogs – Alfie and Bumble – Bob soon made his first friends.

Tom continued: “He was then introduced to many other centre dogs and absolutely adored going for walks with all his new friends. 

“It’s just incredible to see how much dogs can change when given the right amount of care, love and time. We’re so proud of Bob.”

Bob is now happy in a new home and is living the life of luxury with his very own doggie sofa, swimming pool and an endless array of toys. 

— Page last updated 18/02/2021