Blind black kitten Weasel

Blind kitten finds happy home

A stray kitten with no eyes has found the perfect home after the hardest of starts to life.

Weasel in his cat bed
Weasel is now thriving

Weasel was found when he was just seven weeks old in a country lane, alone and blind after his eyes had ruptured, likely due to an untreated infection.

Sadly, his sight could not be saved so a local vets in Somerset performed surgery to remove both eyes to stop him from suffering any further pain.

And once he had recovered, our rehoming centre in Tiverton, Devon, set about finding him a home where he could explore in safety and thrive despite his disability.

And he soon found just that with Blue Cross foster carer, Amie Brewer.

As an experienced cat owner, she knew she could provide the enrichment a young cat like Weasel needed to keep busy and had the perfect outdoor set up for him.

The black kitten now gets to explore Amie’s ‘catio’ and cat-proofed garden without the dangers of roads, predators or getting lost.

She said: “Weasel settled in straight away, he isn’t bothered by anything, has a real character, loves playing, climbing curtains and generally just being a kitten, watching him play you would never know he has no eyes!” 

Weasel, who is now four months old, even has a cat wheel which will give him chance to run off even more of his kitten energy.

Louise Thomson, Foster Coordinator at Blue Cross Tiverton, said: “Weasel was very small and weak for his age and was likely the ‘runt of the litter’.

“I knew Amie, who sadly lost one of her cats at the beginning of the year, would be the perfect person to give Weasel a chance for happiness. She has an outdoor secure catio and a secure garden so has the ideal set up for him!”

He has some other animal company at his new home too, two rabbits and another cat, so still gets lots of stimulation from them despite his restricted lifestyle.

Louise added: “Weasel is doing really well with Amie, she adores him – it was love at first sight – and he’s definitely not letting the blindness stop him from loving life. He loves batting a ball around and chasing after it and climbing to the top of the curtains.

“Nothing is going to stop this little guy from thriving in life.

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— Page last updated 02/10/2020