Sugar lying on the left next to best friend Floyd

Lifelong friends find loving home together

Two inseparable elderly dogs, who are ‘like a husband and wife married for decades’, have found a loving retirement home together.

Sugar, a 10-year-old staffie and Floyd, a 12-year-old English bull terrier, were both taken on as pups and have spent all their lives together.

No longer able to care for them, their owner sadly had to make the heartbreaking decision to part with them and the pair found themselves at our Suffolk rehoming centre in November last year.

Due to their age, and needing to be rehomed together, our team initially struggled to find them the loving family they so desperately deserved.

Floyd, a brown staffie cross, sitting in front of best pal Sugar, an English bull terrier
Sugar and Floyd have been together for 10 years

Susie Winship, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross in Suffolk, explains: “It must have been such a hard decision for the owner to make to rehome them having had them since they were pups. 

“They’re the sweetest couple, in one picture you can see they even seem to be holding paws! They’re like a husband and wife who have been married for decades.

“It was so difficult to see them being overlooked by potential owners at the centre as our other dogs went to new homes.”

However, the sweet pair found a wonderful new home earlier this year and have once again found happiness.

New owner Elizabeth O-Brien says: “They've both settled in really well. They seem to spend most of their day sleeping.

“They do have their mad moments, but it doesn't last for long and the sleeping soon commences!”

— Page last updated 22/04/2022