Two tabby kittens and two grey kittens in a bed

Newborn kittens rescued from dilapidated shed

A dilapidated garden shed is no place for a litter of newborn kittens.

Cold, draughty and full of dangers, the clock was ticking for the newborns.

But when Blue Cross stepped in to help, mum Kelly and her five tiny kittens found a safe, loving space at our Suffolk centre.

Curled up happily together in a basket filled with soft blankets, it’s a world away from the hard floor where the kittens were found.

The gorgeous litter of kittens – who are a mix of unusual blue and tabby colours – were laid on the packaging of a camping bed.

Black mother cat in a grey bed with five kittens suckling
Kelly and her kittens are safe now

The sound of mewing had prompted a call to Blue Cross – and Suffolk centre manager Charles White and animal welfare assistant Victoria Nesling stepped in.

With missing wooden panels leaving lots of escape routes from the rundown shed, the pair feared new mum Kelly could be scared into running away and abandoning her kittens.

“The first moment we opened the shed door we were afraid Kelly might bolt,” says Charles. “Our main priority was to make sure she was safe.”

Thankfully, our team were able to bring the family safely to the centre, where they had food, a warm bed and veterinary attention waiting.

A tiny grey kitten in a bed surrounded by littermates
Once they're old enough, we'll find the kittens loving homes

Kelly – believed to be around two years old – was named after the street where she was found, with her kittens all taking the last names of famous Kellys.

From Holmes and Slater, to Rowland, Osbourne and Sheridan, the kittens’ namesakes range from a double Olympic athlete and a champion surfer, to one of the Destiny’s Child singers, a British TV personality and a Canadian voice actress.

Despite her healthy condition and friendly temperament, efforts to track down Kelly’s owner have been unsuccessful.

“Kelly is really sweet,” adds Charles. “She’s such a lovely cat, she’s obviously had lots of socialisation and fuss but sadly no one has come forward.”

— Page last updated 18/08/2023