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Paws for thought with... Lesley Nicol

Lesley Nicol on the beach

[Photo by Lexie Cataldo]

Lesley Nicol, actress and animal lover, takes a break from her hectic schedule to tell us about the pets who take centre stage in her home and her heart...

Q: Who shares your sofa?
Lesley: Always Freddie and sometimes Bertie - and my husband if there is room!
Q: Describe each of your pets in three words
Lesley: Bertie is a handsome drama queen! Freddie is cuddly, nervous and shy.
Q: How did Freddie and Bertie come to join your family?
Lesley: Bertie came from Cambridgeshire and Freddie from Many Tears Rescue in Wales.
Q: Why do you love your dogs?
Lesley: They have very different personalities and are always entertaining  They are loyal and loving.
Q: What’s the most extravagant thing you’ve bought for them?
Lesley: Seven air trips across the Atlantic! 
Q: What’s the best thing about having pets?
Lesley: They are consistent and uncomplicated - they can teach us a lot! 
Q: What are Freddie and Bertie’s worst habits?
Lesley: Bertie shows off terribly to get attention when someone comes in the house. Freddie lunges at other dogs and joggers when he feels scared!

Q: Where’s your favourite place to go with your dogs?
Lesley: The beach.
Q: What’s the best pet advice you’ve been given, and by whom?
Lesley: Can't remember who said it, but "the thing of the highest value that you can give to your pet is your time".
Q: Why did you choose a rescue pet?
Lesley: I saw his photo - and I wanted to give a home to an animal that needed help and had had a rough time.
Q: Have you ever worked with animals in on set?
Lesley: I played a pub landlady once who had a Rottie with a big studded collar - meant to look scary - but he was very soft and sweet and hated being on set.

Over to Bertie and Freddie...

Q: What’s the best thing about being Lesley’s pet?
Bertie: She definitely loves us very much.
Q: Go on, let us into a secret about your owner?!
Freddie: She isn't the cook in our house - but she does bake delicious home made dog biscuits for us! 

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