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Poorly puppy Toby gets lifesaving treatment at Blue Cross

Photo of puppy Toby

A young puppy who collapsed suddenly is recovering after being rushed to the Blue Cross animal hospital in Merton for lifesaving treatment.  

By the time two-month-old puppy Toby came to us, he was unconscious, struggling to breathe and suffering from shock and hypothermia. 

It’s likely Toby had an infection because he had been suffering from diarrhoea and wasn’t eating much, so he became dehydrated. 

Because he’s so young, this then led to low blood glucose levels which can be fatal if left untreated.  

We put Toby on a warm air blanket to raise his temperature and gave him oxygen, glucose and antibiotics. 

He was so poorly that we didn’t know whether he would pull though and we explained to his worried owner that the next few hours were critical. 

Emmeline Macedo, Deputy Nurse Manager, says: “After intensive nursing Toby’s temperature began to rise and he started to move and lift his head. 

“Once his blood pressure got higher, we were able to place a tube into Toby’s vein to give fluids directly into his bloodstream and he was also hand-fed puppy milk and a high energy dog food.”

Toby was transferred to our Victoria animal hospital so he could be monitored throughout the night. He stayed at the hospital for treatment and, after five days, he was finally well enough to go home. 

Emmeline says: “He was bouncing around again like a normal puppy when he had his final vet check at Merton a few days later. 

“His owner was very grateful for the treatment he received, as he would certainly have died without it.”

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