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Pregnant cat Zazzle gets Blue Cross help just in time

Cat Zazzle has become a mum just a few short hours after arriving in Blue Cross care.

Her owner was struggling to cope with the number of pets in the home and could no longer give Zazzle the care she needed so we stepped in to help.

We had put one of our pet foster carers on standby so Zazzle could spend her pregnancy and the birth in a home environment, but her kittens arrived much earlier than we had planned for.

Zazzle is an excellent mum and all four of her kittens – now six weeks old - are doing really well.

Zeb, Zac, Zara and Zeta have cushions to cuddle up on, scratching posts to learn to use their claws on, tubes and tunnels to run through and lots of toys to play with at our Kimpton rehoming centre in Hertfordshire.

Jacqueline Brett, an Animal Welfare Assistant, said: “The kittens are doing really well and will make great family pets.

“Although they’re not being brought up in a home environment, we are spending lots of time playing with them to make sure they are well socialised young cats.”

Blue Cross encourages cat owners to get their pets neutered to prevent unwanted litters.

Once the kittens are old enough to leave mum, we’ll search for happy new homes for all four cats.

Visit our cat rehoming pages to find your new friend today.

— Page last updated 28/05/2015