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Still going strong - meet our golden oldie horses and ponies

We’ve caught up with some of our rehomed older horses and ponies to find out how they are getting on…

Blue Cross horse Norman
Norman is nearly 30 and lives with his borrower Jenny Atkinson. His been with Jenny for over 20 years.

Blue Cross Cleo with her owner David

Cleo is 30 and was rehomed by David Cadney 20 year ago this June.

David tells us: "Cleo and her mother were rescued by Blue Cross in early 1992. It seemed that Cleo had had no contact with people at all, so she was naturally wild. 

"I started working for Blue Cross, as a full time volunteer, in December 1992. By then, Cleo had almost got used to being handled. She was always wary, frightened of the slightest thing and had a short fuse.  I would lead her around the grounds at head office. We could canter, in hand, up the hill in Rosie's paddock. I would also lunge her for 20 - 30 minutes. Plus plenty of grooming! 

"Cleo is now much more confident and is a big character who loves to play, apart from the odd grey hair you would never know she was 30!”

Blue Cross horse Dinky
Dinky is a Shetland companion and is 30 years old and has been with Jean Slack, her borrower, since 2001.
Blue Cross horse Roly

Roly is 30 and is enjoying his retirement with Stacey Smithard and her other horse Alfie. Stacey has sent this little bit about Roly: “'Roly poly oly', as he is called by most on the yard, is very mischievous. He loves to help people out by helping them clean up with the sweeping brush! 

"He loves a cup of coffee while we wait for the farrier and he loves to make me work hard brushing him as he loves to live up to his name and roll in the mud or the snow! He is such a character and is the best thing that has ever happened to my other horse Alfie! 

"Roly, being an older horse, has taught Alfie how to behave in the field as Alfie used to love to escape! Roly and Alfie are the best of friends and I couldn't imagine the yard without him!”

Blue Cross horse Lucy
Lucy is a lovely big shire horse who is now in her 30s and lives with her borrower Jackie Marshall.
Blue Cross horse Scruffles
Scruffles is 34 years old and is enjoying retirement in the West Country with Cathy Nettles, who rehomed her in 2011.

It’s lovely to see so many Blue Cross horses and ponies reaching the grand old age of 30 and all of them looking so well.

Get in touch if you've rehomed a Blue Cross pet and let us know how they're getting on. 

— Page last updated 26/02/2016