Elton 1

Stray rabbit found hiding in a bush gets loving home

From underneath the low-hanging branches of a bush you can’t easily be seen by potential predators and can keep away from harsh winter winds. It’s no wonder this was the shelter Elton sought when he was alone on the street.

The little lop-eared rabbit must have been so frightened in unfamiliar surroundings and with no one to take care of him, especially as the January weather has been so bitterly cold.

Fortunately, Elton was discovered in the front garden of a very surprised person’s home. The finder knocked on his neighbours’ doors to check whether the bunny was in fact a known escape artist, but no one knew who his owner might be, and Elton came to Blue Cross.

He is safe now.

Elton outside eating grass
Poor Elton was found outside in the freezing cold, fighting to survive.

Hollie Jones, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Burford, said: “Elton is a lovely boy. He will hop over to you to say hello when you first come into his pen, but then he loses confidence quite quickly so we don’t think he’s had much handling in the past.

"We’ve been taking things easy and slowly with him so he learns to trust us, and now he will let us stroke his head so we are making good progress!

“Rabbits don’t like to be rushed, and considering the ordeal he’s gone through we’re really pleased with how well he’s doing.”

The young stray rabbit has been vaccinated against potentially-fatal diseases and given the all-clear by our vets.

Elton came to Blue Cross in a box containing lots of glitter, and as there was an Elton John song playing in the background when he arrived, it made sense to name him after the living legend.

“Elton also has the sweetest eyes we’ve ever seen,” adds Hollie. “Elton has found a loving home with a neutered female friend, and we’ve heard from his new owners just how wonderful life is now he’s in their world.”

Elton outdoors in front of fence
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