A starving guinea pig found abandoned in a flat has been nursed back to health and found a loving home by Blue Cross.

Angel nibbling on some greens
It's a miracle that Angel survived for so long without any food or water.

Angel arrived at our Suffolk rehoming centre after being discovered by council workers trapped and squealing inside a zipped-up sports bag in an empty property.

Her owners had moved out more than a month earlier and poor Angel miraculously managed to survive for all that time without any water or food other than a mouldy orange.

Clare Williamson, Operational Supervisor at Suffolk, said: “The local housing project was cleaning out the property when one of its officers lifted up the sports bag and heard a squeak. To their shock, they found a guinea pig and a mouldy orange inside.

“The tenants had been evicted four weeks beforehand so nobody is sure how little Angel managed to survive. She was underweight and very dehydrated, as well as being covered in dried urine.

“But despite everything she had been through, she is a sweet and very affectionate girl who loves a fuss and purrs away when you gave her kale.”

Once at our centre, our team gave Angel all the care and fuss she needed to recuperate from her horrific ordeal – and soon won the affections of the Suffolk team.

But it wasn’t long before she found a new owner and, after two weeks at Blue Cross, she went off to a loving new home where she is now putting the neglect of her past behind her.

“We’re over the moon that Angel, who has now been renamed Eva, found a home so quickly. Her new owner has said that she’s settled in well and is very happy.”

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— Page last updated 18/01/2019