Bonnet, the black cat, lying on the sofa

Tiny kitten survives three-mile trip under car bonnet

A stray kitten is lucky to be alive after surviving a three-mile trip under a car bonnet.

Bonnet sat up looking to camera
Bonnet is lucky to be alive

Unbeknown to the driver, the six-week-old cat climbed into the mechanics of the vehicle when it was parked at a horse yard in Hampshire.

It was only after the driver arrived home that she realised what had happened, when the tiny kitten appeared on her driveway but bolted back into his hiding place as she approached him.

She called our rehoming centre in Southampton and two of the team went straight out to help.

Part of the rescue effort was Blue Cross Veterinary Supervisor, Megan Baverstock. She says: “This is the first time that Blue Cross Southampton have dealt with a case like this. 

“The finder had wrapped chicken wire round her car to keep him contained until we got there so it was fiddly trying to make sure he didn’t get out but also trying to locate where in the engine he was. 

“We spent nearly two hours trying to get him out from under the bonnet. He was very small so could fit in all the inappropriate gaps, so it was quite a task – but we succeeded.”

After the team finally managed to coax the tiny and timid kitten out of the car, Megan took him home with her to foster. He was soon named Bonnet after his unusual hiding place.

Despite his ordeal, Bonnet was unscathed – but was particularly nervous and Meghan spent lots of time building up his confidence. Blue Cross also provided all the routine vet care he needed.

Megan continues: “He was really scared when he first arrived but as the weeks passed, he gained more and more confidence, which was lovely to see. 

“He was very busy! He was into everything and looking forward to adventuring outside. What made Bonnet happiest is chasing around after his rod toys.”

After nearly 60 days in our care, Bonnet found a happy new home.

— Page last updated 23/08/2021