Warning after kitten's window fall

Cat owners are being warned about the dangers of balconies and open windows after a 16-week-old kitten required emergency surgery after falling three storeys.

Dory sitting back with her one remaining front leg resting on her tummy
Dory recovering from surgery

Dory was rushed into the Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, central London, but sadly her leg was so badly fractured vets had to amputate it. 

She has faced several weeks of rehabilitation and rest in foster care but the team at Blue Cross is now looking to find her a new home.

Every summer, Blue Cross sees a shocking number of cats and kittens being brought in with serious and sometimes fatal injuries after falling from open windows and balconies.

Following her surgery, Dory was transferred to our rehoming centre in Southampton where she is currently been cared for in a foster home until the team find her a new home.

Lara Alford, Centre Manager Blue Cross Southampton, said: “Dory’s such a beautiful, sweet girl who loves cuddles and chin rubs and hasn’t let the fact she now has three legs get in her way. I’m sure we’ll have no problem finding her a forever home.”

Anna Ewers Clark, Veterinary Lead at Blue Cross, said: “Sadly every summer we see cats in our hospitals who have fallen out of open windows and from balconies.

“Like Dory, they are often young, experiencing their first summer and are curious to see a window or door open. We also see older cats who have fallen out of a window having found a spot to snooze on a window ledge or balcony.”

Blue Cross advises owners to keep their pets safe by installing tip and tilt windows that allow air into the room without offering access outside to curious cats, or using netting or a screen across windows or balconies when they are open.

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— Page last updated 17/06/2022