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Stray cat hit by a car is on the mend

A stray cat seriously injured in a road accident will soon be back on all four paws, thanks to Blue Cross.

Kimcar was initially taken to a private vets’ after a member of the public saw him being hit by a car, fracturing his pelvis and right hip.

Kimcar is recovering well from his operation

Once he was stabilised, the domestic short hair, thought to be around four years old, was brought to our Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, London, for further treatment.  

He needed crucial surgery to repair his injuries and alleviate pain.

Vets carried out an operation called a femoral head and neck excision, which involves the tip of the thigh bone, also known as the femur, being removed from within the hip joint. The surrounding muscles then hold the bones in place.

Senior Vet at Victoria, Seb Prior, who carried out the surgery, said: ''Without our help he would certainly not have been able to use his leg well, the fracture was right through his hip joint so it's likely he would have had long term pain and very severe arthritis which could easily have led to us considering amputation in the future.''

Kimcar is now recovering well and yesterday (Thursday) travelled to our Southampton rehoming centre which will find him a home once he is ready.

London Welfare Officer, Amanda Marrington, who took him to the centre, said: “Had he not had surgery the hip could had healed wrong and been painful for him, so it’s lucky that we were able to step in. Luckily the pelvis didn’t need surgery.

“Kimcar is doing well and is a lovely cat, so will hopefully find a family to take care of him soon.”