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Work out like a dog

Work Out Like A Dog is the world’s first exercise class in which humans exclusively perform exercises normally reserved for dogs.

Our slightly barking bootcamp is designed to raise awareness of just how important exercise is for dogs’ health and happiness. High numbers of dogs arrive at our rehoming centres with behavioural needs stemming from boredom, lack of stimulation, and because they simply haven’t been exercised properly.

All of the exercises in the 45-minute aerobic and conditioning workout for humans have either been adapted from a dog’s favourite exercises or have been directly inspired by man’s best friend by qualified PT and fitness instructor Born Barikor. The routine combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts to tone, improve endurance and fill participants with positive energy – in much the same way that regular exercise helps our four-legged friends stay not just physically but mentally healthy too.

A man throws a ball for a dog

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