White and black kitten playing with mouse toy

Five best cat toys

Playing with your cat is a great bonding experience for both cat and owner. It also helps channel their natural hunting instinct into a less harmful activity.

With so many toys to choose from, you'll probably feel a bit confused about which ones to get your feline friend. So we're here to help you out with the best five toys for your cat.

Fishing rod

Cat toy - Fishing rod

Fishing rod toys usually have a mouse, feather or something light on the end to temp your cat to chase it! This is perfect for teaching your kitten how to play appropriately, using the rod to create some distance between sharp claws and your hands.

Treat balls

Cat treat ball

Cats are very intelligent and their natural instinct is to hunt for their food, so they can find hours of entertainment with a treat ball.

Batting around the ball to shake the treat loose encourages cats to use their brain and provides great mental stimulation.

Catnip mouse

Light blue catnip mouse

Anyone who owns a cat will know the madness that follows when they are given something with catnip.

Catnip mice are great fun for your cat to play with solo. Plus, you get the added bonus of watching them go from cool, calm and collected to crazy in three seconds flat!

Kickeroo toy by Kong

Kickeroo toy by Kong

Kickeroo toys are made for cats who like to kick out with their hind paws when they are in the mood to play.

Encouraging your pet to wrestle on this toy provides both mental and physical stimulation and means your furniture and legs are saved from excited claws!

Cat activity centres

Cat activity centre

The cat activity centre plays an important role in a cat's day to day life and provides entertainment for them too. These are made up of multiple levels with string toys attached to encourage cats' playful nature.

Your cat loves to climb and explore, and the little hidey-holes in an activity centre are perfect for them to escape to if they feel a bit cautious or worried about a situation. Allowing them to get up a bit higher and observe the goings on from a safe space, which is especially useful in multi-cat households.

Tip: Don’t stroke your cat or be tempted to pick them up when they’re on the activity centre – this is their safe space where they can go when they don’t want to be disturbed.

— Page last updated 06/12/2021