Tabby cat with paw in the cat treat vending machine, fishing out a cat treat

How to make a cat treat vending machine

A cat treat vending machine is a great way to keep your feline's brain busy.

Using just toilet roll tubes and an empty cardboard shoe box, you can put together a fun treat vending machine for your cat. Pop their favourite treats into the machine and watch as they scoop them out with their paw. It's especially useful for keeping playful felines busy on a hot day.


Treats should be given occasionally and alongside a well-balanced diet. These treats are not suitable for cats with special dietary requirements.

What you'll need:

  • An empty cardboard shoe box
  • 30 toilet roll inner tubes
  • Super glue – be extra careful that your cat doesn’t come into contact with the glue while it’s setting

Putting together a cat treat vending machine

  1. Take the lid off your shoebox, but keep it aside for later
  2. Start gluing the toilet roll tubes into the box in rows. They should be standing upright inside the box.


    A cat getting treats from a cat treat vending machine
    Glue the toilet roll tube so that they're standing upright inside the box.
  3. Once you have filled the shoebox with tubes, place glue along one long side of the shoebox. Stick it to the middle of the shoebox lid. This will provide it with some more stability and keep it upright.
  4. Wait an hour for all the glue to fully dry
  5. Place a treat into some of the tubes

Now give the vending machine to your cat to enjoy! Make sure to supervise your cat when playing with new toys.

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