Our response to coronavirus (Covid-19)

The coronavirus pandemic has been extremely difficult for many charities, and Blue Cross has been no exception. Changing restrictions have meant that we have had to re-design many of our processes, reduce our contact with the public in our animal hospitals, shops, rehoming centres and education activities, while doing our utmost to continue to respond to increased demand for many of our services. Covid-19 has also resulted in a fall in our income, due to closure of our shops and cancellation of all our face-to-face event and fundraising activities.

Despite this, since the first lockdown back in 2020, our fantastic people, including many volunteers, have continued to work tirelessly to ensure that we can continue to help as many sick, injured and homeless pets as possible – just as we have since 1897.

The latest changes

Last updated: 19 April 2021

Our shops 

Our shops are open and we’re accepting donations by appointment to ensure we follow Covid-19 safety measures. Call your nearest shop to book your slot.

More about our shops.

Our animal hospitals

All our hospitals are currently open by appointment only and are prioritising the most urgent cases. This is to protect our team and our clients. Please contact your animal hospital for more information.

More on our animal hospitals.

Our rehoming centres

Our rehoming centres are open by appointment only. This means we are able to introduce pets to new families in our outside spaces if we need to, as long as visitors live locally.

More on our rehoming process.

Behavioural support

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and the first lockdown, we launched our Covid-19 behaviour line. It has since helped hundreds of pet owners who need support with their pets. We’re continuing to see calls come in and we are looking at how we can continue to support owners with behavioural advice through lockdown and 2021.

Chris Burghes holding a cat

“The unprecedented challenges of the pandemic have demonstrated why Blue Cross is so important. Pets play such an important role in our lives, especially in times of crisis and stress, but for many, this is a difficult time to be a pet owner. For those who are struggling at the moment, we are there with help and support.”

Chris Burghes,

Blue Cross Chief Executive

What we’re doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic

We are following all national and local guidelines in order to keep our people, pets and customers safe while offering vital services, such as veterinary treatment and rehoming pets. 

Here’s what we’re doing to make sure we keep our team and the public safe:

  • Increasing the number of remote veterinary consultations
  • Introducing socially distanced ways to see and treat pets who need to be seen in person
  • Making sure that our teams have access to appropriate PPE
  • Adapting our rehoming process to protect our teams and our customers
  • Working with our volunteer foster carers to make sure that pets are given the best possible care
  • Providing coronavirus advice for pet owners on our website, including puppies in lockdown support
— Page last updated 19/04/2021