Do you have clothing and accessories that you want to donate to charity? If so, please donate your clothes to Blue Cross.

Our sister site, The Clothes Line, is the easy way to donate clothes to charity - we'll even send a courier free of charge to collect your items.

The money raised by us selling your clothes in our Blue Cross shops will go towards helping pets.

All we ask is you give us top quality items from well-known designer brands, as well as vintage pieces.

How to donate clothes to charity

Step 1: Create an account and get a free bag.

Sign up online or give us a call on 0300 777 1970.

Step 2: Fill your bag with high quality items from well-known brands

Step 3: We collect and will send a courier direct to you

Step 4: Be happy. It couldn't be easier to help pets in crisis

To start donating your designer clothing create an online account with The Clothes Line now. Or, if you’re already registered with The Clothes Line, simply sign in or call 0300 777 1970.

Clothes we'd like you to donate to charity

— Page last updated 4/07/2018