Gregg Tully, Country Director for Save the Dogs and Other Animals, kneeling on the ground, fussing two large street dogs in Ukraine

Blue Cross Ukraine Pet Welfare Fund

Please help us continue to support vulnerable pets in and from Ukraine this year.

In 1912, The Blue Cross Fund was set up to assist animals during the Balkan War. This long history of caring for animals in times of conflict led us to launch an urgent appeal to fund care and provide support to Ukrainian pets in 2022.

The money raised has helped those fleeing Ukraine, as well as feeding and rescuing animals left behind because their families were not able to take them with them.

Help us continue to be there for pets and people in Ukraine.

A tabby cat in a cat cage rescued by Karina

Donate to help in Ukraine

100 per cent of donations to the Fund will go directly to our selected charity partners working with pets and people in Ukraine or displaced by the war. In the highly unlikely event that we raise more money than our trusted partners need, we will allocate any remaining money to our UK rehoming and veterinary services.

With your support, we’ve been able to help Save the Dogs and other animals, TOZ, (Transylvania Animal Care) and the Ukraine Equestrian Federation by:

  • Neutering, microchipping and vaccinating 1,298 cats and dogs on the streets
  • Delivering 17,000 bags of food to homeless cats and dogs 
  • Building 268 pet houses to give homeless pets a safe place to retreat
  • Delivering dog houses and hundreds of dog jackets and blankets to cats and dogs in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv in Ukraine
  • Ordering 1,000 flea and tick collars to help with parasite control
  • Helping fund advice services for people who have fled their homes and providing supplies such as food, cat litter, harnesses, leads and carriers
  • Supporting pets and their families to stay somewhere safe together, once they crossed the border
  • Helping fund much-needed vet treatment for pets from Ukraine
  • Helping fund the rehabilitation of dogs displaced when a pet shelter was bombed
  • Providing horse feed to thousands of horses across eight regions
  • Funding an equine shelter in Rivne and housing for 40 horses who had been displaced by the war
Two male volunteers in Ukraine, carrying a dog crate with a white dog inside. They are carrying the dog to a car as part of a rescue from the streets of Ukraine.

[Pictured: Volunteers in Ukraine working to rescue pets from the street] 

Stories from Ukraine

Selected photos provided by Save the Dogs and other animals, Romania.

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