Origami £20 notes into dog and cat shape

Get your pet care costs into shape

Pet insurance, food, toys, bedding – the costs can all mount up. We're here to help you stay on track with your finances.

Whether you’re thinking of getting a pet, or have recently become a pet owner, with our expert guidance and helpful tips you can stay in control and make sure your pet care costs are kept in good shape.

Show me how to keep my dog care costs in shape

Show me how to keep my cat care costs in shape


Costs to think about

Here are some initial things to think about when getting a dog or puppy.

PDSA estimate that the cost of owning a dog can range from at least £50 to £80 per month. And these costs could range from £4,600 to £30,800 over their lifetime. These figures don't include any vet fees. 

£20 note shaped into an origami dog

Preventative care that could save you money

Taking preventative steps like vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and keeping on top of your dog's weight could mean the difference between a healthy dog and poorly one. The healthier your pet is, the less likely they'll need a trip to the vet where costs can really mount up.

Learn how to make dog toys and treats 

Not only is this fun to do, but it could also save you money.

How to make:

We have plenty more DIY toys for you to make too!

Preventative care that could save you money

Learn how to make cat toys and treats

Here are some ideas of things you could make your cat that could save you money. We have plenty more homemade toy ideas too!

How to make:

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