Kitten Gemini looking at camera

Blue Cross inundated with pregnant cats and kittens in need

Three kittens born in an emergency caesarean are now happy and in new homes.

Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius are among a surge in kitten admissions Blue Cross has seen over the past few months, prompting a call for owners to ensure cats are neutered.

Their mum ran into difficulties during labour and found herself in the care of our Suffolk rehoming centre after the emergency surgery.

Gemini and Leo playing in a tunnel
Kittens Gemini and Leo playing when at the Suffolk centre

Sadly, one of the kittens was born with deformed front legs and didn’t pull through, despite daily physiotherapy from the team.

Blue Cross has seen an increasing number of pregnant young cats encountering problems and has been caring for more than 100 newborn kittens across England and Wales over the past couple of months. Many had been found abandoned.

Another cat, Tamsin, recently gave birth to five kittens at our Suffolk centre, called Tatiana, Tilly, Tallulah, Theodore and Tabitha.

Tamsin and one of her kittens sitting next to a water bowl

All of her kittens have now been rehomed, but Tamsin is still waiting for her fresh start. Sadly, Blue Cross is seeing an increasing lack of interest in older cats in need of homes.

Clare Williamson, Centre Manager at Blue Cross Suffolk, said: “Many people may have put off neutering their cats due to the pandemic or may not be aware that cats can become pregnant as young as four months old but it’s so important to avoid unplanned litters.

“Every year we see a spike in litters coming into us from the start of kitten season between April and September and heavily pregnant mothers, who themselves need round the clock care.

Tamsin lying down feeding her tiny newborn kittens
Tamsin feeding her tiny newborn kittens

“C-sections are only ever used in cases of complications with the birth, often when a cat is young or inexperienced, and are major surgeries for the cat and her kittens to go through.

"They require a longer recovery period, and in some cases can prove too much for a cat or kitten to recover from.”

Looking to give an older cat a home? There are many here at Blue Cross that need you.

— Page last updated 15/10/2021