Charlie lying down when he was in Blue Cross care

Cat saved from the streets after owner's death

When Charlie’s owner died, he suddenly found himself on the streets with nobody to love him.

He soon became injured and was found curled up and unable to walk on a doorstep in Fulham, close to where he had happily spent his earlier days.

The terrified 18-month-old ginger tabby was thankfully found and brought to the Blue Cross animal hospital in Hammersmith, London.

He was covered in fleas and needed urgent treatment for his paw injury.

Charlie looking to camera with his chin up
Charlie was shy, sad and injured when he arrived in our care

Amanda Rumball, London Welfare Officer at Blue Cross, said: “Poor Charlie was very shy and unsure when he arrived in our care but after some food and TLC he started to settle in.

“We treated the fleas and his leg, and he also needed a broken tooth removed. 

“He seemed so very sad when he arrived in our care but once in a foster home his personality really started to shine through.”

Charlie soon started to grow in confidence and, once he was strong enough, we found him a new home.

Charlie on arrival at Blue Cross
Charlie when he first arrived at Blue Cross

Sadly, many pets find themselves at Blue Cross after their owners move into care or hospital, have become too sick to look after their pet or have passed away. 

“For those with no family or friends who can take on their pet it can be extremely worrying to think about what will happen to their beloved pet in the future,” said Amanda.

But Blue Cross’s free Pet Peace of Mind service is there to reassure owners that their pets will be cared for if they are no longer there or able to be there for them in the future.

Widow Ann Bickley, 90, has signed Mollie up to the service so she knows her cat will be well looked after if she outlives her.

Ann said: “Once you get to my age you think about these things. And I’d be devastated if anything happened to her. Mollie is always on the bottom step when I go out to welcome me home.”

— Page last updated 10/05/2021