Marie snoozing at her foster carer's home

Marie the miracle kitten

Days from death and weighing less than half a kilo, Marie the kitten went on to make an extraordinary recovery to enjoy her first Christmas in a loving new home.

Back in the summer, Blue Cross was contacted by an owner to say he couldn’t care for some kittens from an accidental litter. Each year, Blue Cross cares for hundreds of unwanted or stray kittens. Neutering your cat not only prevents unexpected litters but it also reduces the likelihood of them straying and picking up diseases.

At just six weeks old, the kittens had been separated from their mother too early and were struggling for survival. Fortunately, the team at our Manchester rehoming centre stepped in straightaway to help. 

Charlotte Ayres, Animal Welfare Assistant at the centre, recalls the terrible state of the kittens on admission: “They were extremely poorly, with discharge coming from their eyes and were wobbly and lethargic. Sadly, one of the kittens passed away before we could even admit it to a vet.”

Marie on admission to the centre
Poorly Marie on arrival at the rehoming centre

The remaining survivor was named Marie and placed in foster care but was still extremely poorly. She had a swollen abdomen and was being treated for worms, ear mites, fleas and suspected cat flu. Now seven weeks old, she weighed a mere 0.4kg, less than half of what a healthy kitten of her age should. 

One night, Marie suddenly took a turn for the worse and had to be rushed to the vets after becoming extremely lethargic and wobbly. Her health was declining fast. She was hospitalised immediately and urgently treated with medication in the in the hope of saving her life.

Thankfully, after five days in hospital and round the clock care, little Marie started to show small signs of improvement and was eventually discharged back to her foster home where she continued to be closely monitored.

Marie shows signs of improvement in her foster home
Gradually, little Marie started to show signs of improvement

Charlotte describes how gradually, Marie started to improve: “She began to pick up and put on weight, even making it over the 1kg mark! Her foster carer said she had become a different cat and was now eating for England, growing in confidence and starting to act how a kitten should, playing and running around the house.’ 

Now recovering well and nicknamed ‘Miracle Marie’ by the team, she was finally ready for a new home. After sifting through over 100 rehoming applications, she was perfectly matched to Charlotte Raynes and her partner Connor.

Charlotte describes how they felt when they came across her on the Blue Cross website: ”When we saw Marie and how tiny and beautiful she was we couldn’t say no! And when we learned about her previous health conditions, we knew that we could give her the loving home she needed.”

Marie relaxes on sofa

Marie quickly made herself at home and was introduced to Charlotte and Connor’s other cat Percy, as Charlotte fondly recalls: “She settled in straight away and sooner or later became a right little madam ruling the house! We believe she looks up to Percy as they are inseparable.”

After a shaky start to life, Marie is now thriving and has just celebrated her first Christmas in her new home. Charlotte added: “She’s seen snow for the first time and has even tried to climb the Christmas tree! Marie is doing brilliantly.’


Marie and Percy
Marie made fast friends with Percy and is now settled in her new home
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