Black and white cat Uno with one eye lies on a bed looking into the distance

One-eyed kitten's fight to survive

Critically ill with barely any strength left to breathe, all odds were stacked against tiny Uno.

Black and white cat uno sits down on grey carpet and looks into camera
Uno is living life to the full

The orphaned kitten arrived in the care of Blue Cross Sheffield on the brink of death after being rescued from a residential garden by a local community group. Sadly, Uno’s sibling got away and was never found.

Uno, thought to be just six weeks old at the time, was in a terrible state. 

He was starving, with a badly injured right eye and a severe infection in the other, as well as being riddled with fleas and worms.

Hannah Marco, Assistant Manager, describes his condition: “He was barely breathing and there was little hope that he would make it.”

Uno was immediately rushed to the vets’, where he was found to have a ruptured eye beyond saving.

“The vet said that if he didn’t go under anaesthetic to remove his injured eye, he would definitely die,” says Hannah. 

“But putting him under anaesthetic might kill him anyway. It wasn’t even a decision; they did the surgery. Uno deserved a chance at life.”

Miraculously, brave Uno survived the surgery and was well enough to return to Blue Cross after just three days.

Needing round-the-clock care, the black and white kitten was placed in a foster home with Sophie Andrews, Adoptions Coordinator and Pet Welfare Assistant.

Cat Uno lying on a purple towel in a crate following an operation to remove her eye
Uno was in a terrible way and the odds were stacked against him

His recovery had many ups and downs. 

Hannah explains: “It was a rocky recovery, he was very withdrawn, lethargic, and needy. It was very touch and go and the surgical site became infected, with a bad abscess forming that almost required a second surgery to fix.

“Thankfully, a month later, he had made a full recovery. He was a real fighter.”

Black and white cat with one eye sits atop a scratching post looking into camera
He proved to be a 'real fighter'

When Uno was out of the woods, his personality got bigger by the day – and so, it’s no surprise that Sophie was unable to part with him. 

He now happily lives with her and her three dogs, who he loves to snuggle with.

Uno now spends his days climbing curtains and trees in between watching television or curling up in a plant pot.

Black and white cat Uno cuddles up to black dog friend while they both sleep on a bed
Uno now lives happily with three dog friends

Hannah adds: “Uno is now a far cry from the bedraggled kitten that was found half dead in a garden. 

"He is a curious, affectionate, and very playful cat who loves spending time with the dogs. He is full of personality and isn’t short on cheekiness.”

Blue Cross is in desperate need of more volunteer foster carers to enable us to offer life-saving support to kittens like Uno. Can you help?

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