Black kitten with a white chest, called Anya, with brother Otis who is grey with a white chest and Theodore who is all grey

Abandoned kittens safe now

Grey and white kitten Pickle sitting up in front of some balls in a play pen
Little Pickle playing

Five kittens are now happy in warm, loving homes after being abandoned on the streets of London in the grip of winter.

Anya, Otis, Pickle, Theodore and Squish were dumped outside a vet practice in December before arriving in the care of our Hertfordshire rehoming centre.

As well as being weak and suffering with eye infections, the siblings were very nervous and under-socialised. So, our team quickly got to work in building up both their health and confidence.

Sarah Miller, Animal Welfare Assistant, says: “When the kittens first arrived with us, they found our centre very overwhelming, with lots of new people, sights and sounds to deal with. 

“It was unclear what they had experienced before.

"They didn’t know what toys were or how to play, so we decided to move them into foster care to reduce the stress and allow them to slowly become familiar with life in home environment.”

Sarah continues: “During their time in Blue Cross care they’ve slowly gotten bigger, stronger and healthier and started to develop their own individual personalities. 

“Their foster carer said they loved spending time with each other whether that is playing, sleeping or relaxing on a lap in front of the TV.”

Soon enough, the kittens were old enough to be found new homes, where they are now thriving.

Sadly, Blue Cross has been inundated with unwanted kittens like these siblings over the past year.

Sarah adds: “Many people may have delayed neutering their cats due to the pandemic. Female cats sadly can become pregnant from a very young age; some as young as four months old. Therefore, it is important to think about neutering to avoid unplanned litters.

“We’d always urge owners who are struggling to care for a pet to get in touch with a charity like Blue Cross for support.”

Kitten Theodore, all grey, cuddled up to sister Anya, who is grey with a white chest and feet
Theodore (left) and brother Otis are now in loving homes
— Page last updated 18/02/2022