Bernard walking on a blanket

Tiny stranded kitten rescued

Thank goodness someone heard him. At just four days old, tiny Bernard was found in the roof void of a hotel, crying his little heart out – with no mum in sight.

Far too young to be alone, one of our wonderful foster carers took him home and worked round-the-clock to feed him the milk he needed to grow into a strong, healthy boy.

Vanessa Margrave, Animal Welfare Assistant at our Burford rehoming centre in Oxfordshire, had to hand feed him every two hours – including through the night – to make sure he stayed alive.

Bernard being held by Vanessa
Bernard went everywhere with Vanessa when he was being hand-reared

She said: “He was the size of a hamster when I picked him up, so tiny. He was dizzy and hungry, but strong. But at four days old, he needed milk every two hours.

“He lived in a special tank beside my bed and came everywhere with me. He was very well travelled! It’s tiring work hand-rearing kittens, but so rewarding.”

He soon grew into a friendly, inquisitive boy who loved nothing more than a snooze on Vanessa’s lap after a good play session. 

And now he’s found a forever home where he continues to entertain with his cheeky-chappy ways.

Bernard being hand fed
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